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The Quick & The Read

Well what a week that was. It seems that the world can perhaps breathe a little easier.

I managed to get away with work for a few days and as always it provides real-world inspiration for the next book, or the one after that, or the fifth one after that!

I got back to the usual hundred or so author emails, Twitter notifications, Facebook and Instagram posts and one podcast that stood out by a lady called Philippa who runs the Quick Book Review podcast. My publisher Hobeck had told me that Philippa was going to review my new thriller The Angel of Whitehall. Now, I have to confess that I was still reeling somewhat from what my publishers and I called Atrocious Gate - the dreaded, and it has to be said, somewhat left-field review of one of my novels.

So I sat down with a cup of Yorkshire Tea (is there any other?) and the last of the Christmas mince pies and listened...gnawing at my fingernails and feeling slightly queasy.

And then it happened, Philippa started talking about The Angel (as we call it affectionately) and her first sentence was "And I think it's brilliant..."

I swear I quietly punched the air, spilling the tea but catching the mince pie, as it tumbled in the air towards my lake-loving Labrador Casey. Needless to say I got there first.

Philippa went on to describe the book as a really good old-fashioned thriller. And she meant it in the best possible way.

I listened three times in case the content changed, but no, it finished on a high.

I was genuinely moved that someone who has no agenda (and probably makes little in return for the outstanding service she provides to readers around the world) was prepared to read my latest novel and review it so favourably.

Thanks Philippa you made my week! You can hear the podcast here:

Please stay safe and look after your loved ones and your elderly friends and neighbour's. Now is the time to really band together.

Kindest regards always,


PS I still haven't heard who the very lucky winner of the recent Jack Cade competition was - Hobeck Books still have the prize...will it be re-drawn I wonder?

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