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I'll be checking it twice..

It seems that 2020 has caught most of us unaware. Surely it was only February last week? What happened to March and April and August and October?

And now, only days away, it will be Christmas. I don't know about you but I have LITERALLY only just climbed into the loft and precariously put the Christmas decorations back into hibernation. This will be akin to rousing a Grizzly Bear after only a few weeks of much-needed bear time...

In the words of once-a-year favourite Mariah Carey I don't want a lot for Christmas. I've lost two people very dear to my heart during this pandemic, I didn't get to say goodbye and that hurts deeply. Therefore, all I genuinely wish for in 2021 is our health and some wisdom and of course success - but not at any cost.

My brilliant publishers Hobeck Books ( set a challenge a few weeks ago - a Christmas Anthology. "Can you write us a short story Lewis?" They asked - knowing, full well as my publisher that one thing Lewis Hastings esquire does not do is write short stories! That is like asking the aforementioned tetchy bear to only have a few weeks' sleep.

Short story indeed - As The Redhead often says about her author husband - "Why use five words when five thousand will do...?"

She also mockingly suggests that any of my books that I autograph will plummet in value! Honestly. One day soon I really should turn her into a character and leave her out in a forest somewhere, tied to a tree covered in peanut butter and honey.*

So as we head headlong into the festivities all I ask for Christmas is that you take care of each other, put yourself out of your comfort zone and avoid those obvious viral hotspots - it really isn't that much of a sacrifice, and above all be genuinely nice to each other - even a complete stranger feels better after a smile - just time it right - half an hour walking down the street after them is likely to get the girls and boys in blue knocking on your door!

I'll probably write something else nearer the time, but if my books are on your Christmas wish list then I shall ensure you are placed into the nice pile. Albeit, now and then, it's good to be naughty. Now, on that note, where did I leave the Redhead?

Best wishes,


* I was only joking about Grizzly bears - they hate peanut butter.


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