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Seven of Swords

The final chapter in the Seventh Wave trilogy published in June 2019 finds Jack Cade and his London-based team battling their old nemesis, known simply as the Jackdaw, a charismatic, sociopathic leader of men.


The Jackdaw, also known as Alex Stefanescu has one last opportunity to finally gain what he lacked for so many years - complete respect.

With a series of documents within his grasp he set his sights on London and the opportunity to hold an entire government to ransom. Using guile, arrogance and fear and a timely intervention by Mother Nature Alex launches his most ruthless attack yet, striking at the heart of the city and its people.

Jack Cade and his Operation Orion team are all that stand between success and failure, democracy and anarchy, orderly protests and full-bore riots. He must protect the city, protect his people and above all do this all under the cloak of secrecy.

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