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Seventh © is the first of many stories to feature Jack Cade and his team.


It is a crime thriller set in London, Hong Kong and New Zealand and was published in June 2017..via the Amazon network.


Set in three main parts of the world, New Zealand, Hong Kong and throughout the United Kingdom it initially tells an historical story of a family of Eastern European females, all living diverse, yet painful lives, all interconnected and latterly entwined with a strongly-led and insidious criminal group and a conventional police officer who unwittingly meets one of their victims at an international airport in the East Midlands region of the British Isles.


The chance meeting, formed from a passing and visceral gaze between Cade and a distraught Bulgarian female, who trusted no-one else with her evidence, would lead to Cade's life taking on an unexpected, exciting, exhausting, enthralling and questionable direction. He would become the teacher and pupil.


Leaving behind his past and doubting his future he decides to take an opportunity, to build a new team, rapidly coming to terms with life in one of the fastest paced cities on the planet and as good fortune would have it, somewhere along the way, he even manages to spank Lady Luck on the backside.


The story begins on the Coromandel Peninsula, a stunning part of the Pacific Ocean coastline of New Zealand.

It is 2014. Cade has settled into a new lifestyle, stereotypical of the global view of New Zealand - good food, great scenery, uncannily empty beaches, beautiful women and world-class wine. The other side of the world, away from everything, everyone. As far across the other side of the world as he could go before heading home once more.


Cade is in the process of building a new life, creating a viable business and casting out the shadows of his past. when, equally stereotypically, a girl walks into a bar..


Events unravel at a pace that unsettles Cade - but for the first time in a decade he leads with his heart. Days later his world is literally upside down. A split-second decision sees him flee his adopted home for fear of being implicated in a set of events for which he has no answer.


Against his better judgement , the backing of a former boss and the help of friends in far-flung places he heads back to his homeland, onto ground that he knows better than his enemy, an environment in which he can operate and a chance to exact revenge.


In spite of his best efforts the group are always one step ahead, their link is seven degrees away, but closer still.


The story regresses to 2004 and takes the reader on a journey through Cade's life, allowing them to absorb his past and understand his mindset. It also sees the birth and growth of The Seventh Wave and how it entwines around Cade and those that are near, and dear to him.


Events including gains and losses occur as the reader is propelled through the decade back into 2014 and a finale that leads perfectly into the sequel.

Latest review:  Immovable object meets Irresistible Force

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New review January 28th 2023:
If you want an intelligent and compelling page turner this is the book for you. Fast paced, at times funny, and great character development. This is for the crime/thriller fan who likes the intelligence spectre of crime fighting, there’s plenty of action it’s well balanced, not just a shoot ‘Em all dead approach. Jack Cade is a mix of 007 and Sherlock - brilliant. Have ordered the next instalment and can’t wait to dig in! Thanks to Helen from beautiful New Zealand for this brilliant review.

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