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An Eastern European crime syndicate has appeared on the radar of the British authorities.Known as the Seventh Wave they have arrived in the heart of the most important financial centre in the world.

Systematically they target the banks and financial institutions before fleeing the city for the safety of mainland Europe. Their leader, a man who calls himself the Jackdaw has sent a clear message. Interfere with our operation at your peril.The group carry out one last task – striking at the heart of London’s jewellery centre.


What they leave with is worth more than any jewel and capable of impacting on the future of Europe.John "Jack" Cade is recruited as the Metropolitan Police's answer. Newly promoted, out of his depth but quick-witted, skilled and surrounded by a dedicated team who fall under the banner of Operation Breaker, he faces two choices, both of which he knows will lead to serious harm.


Protect the city or protect his team. He cannot do both.

"I don't think I'll ever read books this thrilling again!"

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