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The new standalone Jack Cade thriller...

Starting a whole new chapter in my writing (pun fully intended) was actually so much harder than you would believe.

With the Seventh Wave trilogy I literally lived the story - met the girl at an airport, spoke to her for hours, listened to her story, formed the story from the truth of a real situation. With the new book I wanted to encompass the military life of a dearly loved family member and build from there, bringing in a timely and awful trend in the United Kingdom.

I also wanted to touch on the heart-rending sorrow of dementia and I hope I've done the subject justice.

As with the Seventh Wave, the research has to be 100% accurate! And I love researching, down to the police codes, the numbers on the patrol car roofs, the tides, the times, the streets, the buses, the planes, the depth of the water, the taste of the wine, of a certain lipstick, the scent of a woman, the characters, the people...all have to be just so...or not at all,

I wanted to launch the new title at Christmas 2019 but a serious bout of Influenza A and pneumonia put paid to that idea! But actually I feel the story will be better for a break.

Stay with me dear reader, the new book is only months away. And I seriously hope you will love it.


PS I already have an idea for a new book. My wife 'The Redhead' wonders when i might 'get a life'...

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