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Keeping up with the Hastings..

Hello dearest reader!

It has been THREE years since I wrote the last blog post on here. THREE YEARS!

And there's a reason for this. I've been busy writing!

Since 2016 I have released the first in the Seventh Wave trilogy called Seventh, the follow up called Seven Degrees and the finale Seven of Swords.

I'm told by some of the best in the business that to release three substantial thrillers in as many years with a day job is a) incredible b) ridiculous and c) impressive.

I'll take one or all of those compliments!

I'm now busy sorting out the marketing of the trilogy and also forging ahead with the new standalone Jack Cade novel which was due for release this year but circumstances beyond my control (a visit to an intensive care unit..) saw to it that this would now be 2020!

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